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Saturday, September 20, 2014

What's being said so far...

Here are some of the wonderful reviews Black Rose has been receiving...

"This was a tough book to stick with at the beginning. Any book dealing with this subject matter should be tough. I admit to almost giving up on it after about a quarter of the way in. I was worried about the graphic details that I felt would be coming as the story progressed. Luckily, I hung in. Kris Thompson approaches this subject with as much detail as needed to keep you feeling very much at ease but without overwhelming you with brutality. There is a fine line to be walked, and this book does it well while still staying true to the nature of the story. Another aspect I found myself liking was that this story didn't end with the typical ending you would expect. I'm trying to not give away anything but suffice it to say that this story is more about victims and the way an ordeal is ongoing for the rest of their lives."

- 4 stars from STEVE on BLOG and GOODREADS


"I gobbled that book up in one sitting!!! Remember that movie Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd? Well Black Rose is that on STEROIDS and SO MUCH BETTER! Two of my favorite words to use when describing a book...TWISTED and BRUTAL! It seriously played out like a fantastic suspense thriller movie. Be forewarned, it is VERY graphic and violent....YAY! If you love dark books like me, you'll understand where I'm coming from. The shocking prologue certainly sets the tone of what you're in for. This dude is one SICK MOTHER F'ER. Exciting, action packed plot that gives no hope of a HEA. If you're a nail biter, better wrap them fingers up or you may risk the chance at gnawing them down to the knuckle. This was a standalone which I know is another HUGE YES for most people. I truly loved every tender and sick moment. Finally a captive book that puts up a fight (don't get me wrong, I do love a great stockholm book as well.) Kris Thompson, thank you for an incredible book!"

- 5 stars from DARCY on GOODREADS

"Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the advance read on this book.

There are just not enough words to describe how great I thought this book was! I completed it in one sitting, refused sleep till I was finished.

A psychotic killer is abducting women, holding them hostage for days and days while raping and torturing and killing in a most horrendous way. Except you know this by reading the back of the book. What you dont know is the story inside...there is so much more."

- 5 stars from SHELBY on GOODREADS

"Not a read for the faint of heart. Thompson doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to what the women endure during their captivity. A truly frightening read."

4 stars from CAYOCSTA72 on GOODREADS and BLOG

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