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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Pre Editing Process

So I keep getting the same questions; what's going on with the book, do you have a publishing date yet, and when are you going to send out the ARC? Let me answer these now. 

1 - My book is with an awesome editing team, and I hope to hear from them soon. Am I freaking out? Hell yeah! That book is going to come back with so many red marks on it that I'll think it's bleeding to death. LOL! But that is the wonderful life of publishing. 

2 - I won't find out when the book is scheduled to come out for a while. So it's kinda a you'll know when I know kinda thing.

3 - ARCs wont go out until it's close to the release date, so that's part of the waiting game too. 

In the military we have a saying... Hurry up and wait. That pretty much sums up publishing a book. LOL 

What I am doing at the moment is writing character summaries and book summaries. These two things are ruining my life and causing me to want to liquify Adivan and shove it in my vain. Oh the joys of writing a book.

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